Favorite Childhood Christmas Books

Dec 3, 2016

Today we are throwing it back! I will be showing you my favorite holiday children books. Enjoy! 

Day 3: Childhood Christmas Books

1. Charles M. Schutz, "I want a Dog for Christmas,Charlie Brown!
Remember when I told you about how I love Charlie Brown, well this is just one example. This book always made me smile. I enjoyed when Snoopy dressed up as Santa. Silly dog! 

2. J. Otto Seibold, "Olive, the other Reindeer! 
This book was the reference I made in my first blogmas post! This is Oliver a regular dog who thinks that she hears her name on the radio. She takes an adventure to the North Pole and ends up being a reindeer for Santa! 

3. Chris Van Allsburg, "The Magic Journey"!
This book is just a childhood classic. If you haven't seen the movie or read the book you probably need to add it to your Christmas bucket list! I remember watching the movie and singing along to all the songs. What was your favorite scene? 

4. Charles M.Schutz, "A Charlie Brown Christmas"!
This is the second book to Charlie Schutz book series. This is the book based off of the classic movie. My friends like the characters, Peg Pen, Linus and Snoopy! 

I hope you are enjoying Blogmas! I will be posting a DIY ugly sweater very soon. But tomorrow is going to be a Teen Gift Guide. Love you! 

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