St. Nicholas Came

Dec 6, 2016


Day 6: St. Nicholas Presents

Every year on December 6th, St Nicholas comes and drops off special presents to all the boys and girls around the world! He is like Santa's brother who comes early! This tradition started when Nicholas helped a poor family by throwing bags of gold in the window. December 6th is a day in which we celebrate St. Nicholas goodness and kind heart! If you want to learn more about this important figure, click on this link to go to a website. 

Here is what St. Nick brought me this year!

First up I have gloves and a heat bodysuit. I think St. Nick knew I was going to DC in a few weeks! I definitely don't want to freeze up there. He also put in a tub of creme de Pirouline. These are sticks made with pastry dough and a creme filling in the middle to give it a sweet taste. These have been one of my favorite Christmas treats. I remember eating them at my grandma's house while she wasn't looking. Sorry grands, at least now you know where they all went! Along with the sweets category, he added some Necco candy wafers. These small candies are decribed as simple, sweet, and worth savoring! This company has been in business for 169 years being able to share its great wafers with the world. Next up I have a King Leo Giant Peppermint Stick and a Harry London dark chocolate baton. Both I am super excited to try. Lastly, I have Ghitatdelli Chocolate Squares. These weren't pictured above because I forgot about them when I took this picture. But anyways, these squares are sea salt chocolate favored. I absolutely love these chocolates! In the end, I am so thankful for all of these gifts from St. Nick! 

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