50 Facts About Me

Jan 19, 2016

I am pretty new at blogging and most of the people who visit my blog don't know much about me, so I decided to tell you 50 facts about myself, Miss Liddy!

1. I am 4'11" 1/2 (and yes that half counts. I feel so short compared to all the other kids who go to my school. #shortkidproblems!)
2. I sometimes sit around my house with one sock on

Side note: When I was writing this I had one sock on. ;)
3. My two favorite shows are Once Upon a Time on ABC and The Vampire Diaries on The CW
4. Some of my favorite movies are Stars Wars (big Star Wars Fan. I am a total fangirl to BB-8. Yes not a human but a droid.) and The Devils Wears Prada
5. I can't understand text language
6. I hate texting with text language
7. I used to play flag football in the Fall
8. I want to live in London so badly

9. I am obsessed with Nutella
10. Shopping is great when I find a great deal
11. I am pretty much 99.9% always happy. There is always something to be happy about
12. I am very, VERY organized (I have 4 different planners!)
13. I don't like to play video games
14. My zodiac sign is the crab or Cancer 

15. My favorite animal is a panda

16. I am a very crafty person

17. One of my favorite book series of all time is The Selection Series by Kiera Cass
18. I am a really bad speller
19. I love the sound of crumbling paper
20. I love to do dance, gymnastics, and cheer
21. I have a brother but sometimes I feel like an only child
22. My favorite summer activity is going to the beach. The great part of living 20 mins away from the beach is I can go whenever I want
23. I love taking pictures of anything or anyone
24. I used to live in Ohio
25. But now I live in Florida

26. I sing about everything. 24/7!
27. I LOVE PICKLES SO MUCH! (ie. I have a pickle ornament)

28. I will start singing and dancing anywhere, anytime
29. I had 2 other blogs but I had to delete them
30. I hate seafood
31. I have a dog named Jack 

32. It saddens me when girls say they are fat, ugly, etc
33. I am very fashionable

34. I want to start my own business when I grow up
35. I have 2 pillow pets

36. I have dressed up in a unicorn PJ before

36. I dislike it when I brush my teeth and then I eat because it makes the food taste really weird
37. I am pretty smart when it comes to computers
38. I am obsessed with collecting journals

39. I  love putting things in rainbow order

40. I love to cook brownies and cupcakes or any yummy food
41. Once when I was little, I chopped off my best friends hair with kid scissors
42. I love looking at clouds
43. I can't sleep with my socks on
44. My feet are always the coldest part of my body
45. I can make myself laugh so much that I can't breathe or that I am crying really hard
46. I have Chinese luck

47. I am adopted
48. I got a job when I was only 11
49. I used to be able to rap the whole section of Justin Bieber's Baby song
50. I hate the sound of two metals rubbing against each other

My Favorite Quotes

Jan 10, 2016

 Hey everyone! For this blog post, I have decided to put together my favorite quotes found on the internet. I hope you find these quotes motivational and inspirational like I do. Personally, I live by quotes. I have a mirror of quotes so, every morning when I get ready for the day, I read my quotes to start my morning off right. ;) 

Comment which quote you liked the best. Mine was by CoCo Chanel. She is a person I look up to. Also, if you have any quotes that help you through the day, share it in the comment section. I would love to read them and maybe I will your quote on my mirror! 

Go-to Jewelry

Jan 7, 2016

As I get ready for school I always like to dress things up. Here are some of my favorite go-to jewelry

Alex and Ani bracelets:
   These charm bracelets are my best go-to jewelry. I love these bracelets. I even looked up a Youtube video on how to make a copy of the Alex and Ani bracelets. But, after pleading and begging to my parents, I got one for my Forever Family day. I got the gold Lotus Peace Pental in the shape of a heart.

Gold Heart Shaped necklace:
   If you haven't noticed the theme, I love heart shaped jewelry. ;) This necklace was purchased at Claire's.
When I pair my jewelry with my outfit, I like to stick with a gold, silver, black color type.

Silver Chain necklace: 
  I found this super cute necklace at Aeropostale. I believe this is from the Bethany Mota line. I have multiple clothes items from her line, too. I would style this cute necklace with a nice sweater or fancy jacket. But because I am weird with my clothes I would NEVER style it with a gold item. (I know, I am weird)!

Rose Gold watch:
  This watch is one of my favorite colors. I am kind of obsessed with rose gold so when I found this on SALE I was all over it. I was extremely excited to find it was only $10.00 at Versona in the town center near my house. 

I hope you enjoy my go-to jewelry. If you have any favorite go-to jewelry you wear with your outfits comment on them below! 

Facial night Routine

Jan 6, 2016

When it's time to detox from the long day, I like to take a nice shower and let my face replenish itself overnight. For that to happen I always like to do a nightly facial routine. So, here are the products that I like to use. 

My skin is a very sensitive, especially on my face. So when my family started using the big pro handheld face scrubber that cost more than $100 I wanted one myself. Before I was using this amazing tool, I would just use a face bar in the shower. It did the job but it made my face very dry and it was hard to move. Finally, when I saw this at my local Ulta I knew I wanted to try it out. The best part it was only $10. This Advanced Deep Cleaning Duo combines a two-speed, rotating brush and an oil-free acne cleanser. Using these two simple tools has reduced all the little red dots that feel the need to pop up on my face, Making my skin feel clear and smooth!

Mary Kay Makeup Remover
This I got from my mom. (Thank you, Mom!) I use this oil-free eye makeup remover right after I finish using the face hand brush. The way I use this is by squirting a tiny bit of it into the cap and use a cotton swab that has been dipped in the makeup remover. It's easy to use. Also, if you can't tell I love this stuff. 

Acne-fighting Roll-on Gel:
Now, I got this life saver for only, wait for it...$1. Yes, you read right - only $1. It's so simple to use by rolling the little metal ball on the spot where you want to reduce on your face and presto over a few days that area will be gone or very hard to notice. This product is a real skincare life hack! I use this roller after I am done with getting all my makeup off.

Dermasil Labs Oil Free Night Moisturizer Facial Cream:
Sadly I was not able to take a home picture of my cream but I knew I needed to add this. Now, I got this AMAZING face cream at the Dollar Store for, of course, $1. This cream is a hypo-allergenic with Vitamin A & E. This cream "enriches skin with intense moisture to leave it softer and smoother while relieving skin's dryness". Dermasil cream literally replenishes my face overnight in a jiffy. I wake up every time I use this and feel like my skin is so smooth and is ready to start the day of right. I use this facial cream after I am done with the roller. I feel like this just seals in all the products and makes my skin feel awesome!
I hope you enjoyed my Facial Night Routine and found it helpful. I am not a pro skincare person. These are just my opinions on my products I use. If you have a favorite product in your nightly routine, please feel free to comment on the product(s) below.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to talk about any of these products. Again, this is my own personal opinion. 

5 Planner Spread Themes

Jan 4, 2016

     These last few weeks I have really gotten into planners. I love the freedom of creativity when it comes to decorating the weekly spreads. This is my first planner to decorate the so I have been coming up with different themes for each week. Here are 5 planner themes to help you out!

1.Winter Wonderland
     This theme is one that I am personally doing this first part of January. When I think of "Winter Wonderland", I think of snowy hills and trees, nice old crispy air. For my planner, I have used a color palette of
f5f9fa: d8e9f :d8e5f6 :96a7c8: 555e78
to create my own stickers.
I found this "Winter Landscape" color palette on Pinterest with along with tons of other pins on different schemes, too. I also made some DIY planner stickers on Pic Monkey

2. Chinese New Year 
     This holiday is celebrated on February 8 this year, so I will be doing this spread later in February. When I plan this week out, I see myself having lots of red and gold. I also suggest using a type of red ribbon. If you research on Etsy you could find different types of washi tape. Also, you could make your own stickers using Google Docs, Microsoft or any other program you prefer.

3. Galaxy
     I know many other planner people have done this theme but each person  is different. A color scheme I would stick to would be the one below. From right to left the colors are
a185e9: 283189 : 090928 : 8652a0 : 483148 : 262156 
You could find some planner stickers on Etsy. Here is a link to a galaxy sticker set made by MailboxHappiness

4. A Picnic 
 When I do this theme I am hoping to find green and red and white checkered washi tape to mimic the grass and the cloth you would sit on. Adding summer-themed stickers, like suns and food (because of the picnic theme :) would make that week super cute  I hope to do this spread in June for the summer.

5. Bronze + Teal 
This theme was one that I didn't make up myself but found the stickers on Pinterest. Here is the link to the FREE printable made by Jessica Brown from My Planner Envy. She was kind enough to let me feature her on my blog. The printable she made works for the Erin Condren Life Planner and The Happy Planner. Please, if you do print the stickers post a thank you comment! :) She worked hard to create the beautiful sticker sheets. Here is what the stickers look like. You can check out a larger picture here.

Fort Lauderdale

Jan 1, 2016

     Here are some of the pictures I took while I was on my Winter vacation. The frirst few pictures were on the way to the at the hotel I was staying. The veiw from my balcony was gorgeous (as you can see), I was very lucky to be able to spend valuable time with my family.
I will be posting a couple more posts on my vacation, so stay tuned.