50 Facts About Me

Jan 19, 2016

I am pretty new at blogging and most of the people who visit my blog don't know much about me, so I decided to tell you 50 facts about myself, Miss Liddy!

1. I am 4'11" 1/2 (and yes that half counts. I feel so short compared to all the other kids who go to my school. #shortkidproblems!)
2. I sometimes sit around my house with one sock on

Side note: When I was writing this I had one sock on. ;)
3. My two favorite shows are Once Upon a Time on ABC and The Vampire Diaries on The CW
4. Some of my favorite movies are Stars Wars (big Star Wars Fan. I am a total fangirl to BB-8. Yes not a human but a droid.) and The Devils Wears Prada
5. I can't understand text language
6. I hate texting with text language
7. I used to play flag football in the Fall
8. I want to live in London so badly

9. I am obsessed with Nutella
10. Shopping is great when I find a great deal
11. I am pretty much 99.9% always happy. There is always something to be happy about
12. I am very, VERY organized (I have 4 different planners!)
13. I don't like to play video games
14. My zodiac sign is the crab or Cancer 

15. My favorite animal is a panda

16. I am a very crafty person

17. One of my favorite book series of all time is The Selection Series by Kiera Cass
18. I am a really bad speller
19. I love the sound of crumbling paper
20. I love to do dance, gymnastics, and cheer
21. I have a brother but sometimes I feel like an only child
22. My favorite summer activity is going to the beach. The great part of living 20 mins away from the beach is I can go whenever I want
23. I love taking pictures of anything or anyone
24. I used to live in Ohio
25. But now I live in Florida

26. I sing about everything. 24/7!
27. I LOVE PICKLES SO MUCH! (ie. I have a pickle ornament)

28. I will start singing and dancing anywhere, anytime
29. I had 2 other blogs but I had to delete them
30. I hate seafood
31. I have a dog named Jack 

32. It saddens me when girls say they are fat, ugly, etc
33. I am very fashionable

34. I want to start my own business when I grow up
35. I have 2 pillow pets

36. I have dressed up in a unicorn PJ before

36. I dislike it when I brush my teeth and then I eat because it makes the food taste really weird
37. I am pretty smart when it comes to computers
38. I am obsessed with collecting journals

39. I  love putting things in rainbow order

40. I love to cook brownies and cupcakes or any yummy food
41. Once when I was little, I chopped off my best friends hair with kid scissors
42. I love looking at clouds
43. I can't sleep with my socks on
44. My feet are always the coldest part of my body
45. I can make myself laugh so much that I can't breathe or that I am crying really hard
46. I have Chinese luck

47. I am adopted
48. I got a job when I was only 11
49. I used to be able to rap the whole section of Justin Bieber's Baby song
50. I hate the sound of two metals rubbing against each other

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