Halloween Party Haul

Oct 28, 2016

Over a couple of weeks, I have accumulated some fun, cute Halloween decorations. Here are some bits and pieces I have collected for my Halloween party coming up.

My Halloween party takes place usually on Halloween (obviously) but because this year was a leap year, Halloween, unfortunately, falls on a Monday. This means school on Monday and school the next day. Yuck! But with a little preplanning, I got it to work with school. I will be doing my last few October blog posts on the party, so stay tuned for that.

First up on my list are these really glittery black bat (say that 5 times fast!) garland. Though it doesn't show up in the photo, the bats really are super glittery! The bad part about it is the glitter gets everywhere! I think I just need to be careful handling it. My plan is to hang this along the counter in which the food will be placed. Also, I got these super cute felt pumpkins and pumpkin wood clips to hang something. I received all of these goodies in a BOO basket. If you don't know what Booing is, I can definitely tell you it's not scaring someone! This is an activity which you ding-dong-ditch someone but instead of being annoying/rude you leave a basket or bag full of fun Halloween treats for the family. Most of the time you Boo a house who have children so they can enjoy all the treats but never limit yourself. My family personally got Boo-ed a couple of weeks ago and we Boo-ed some of our neighbors! :)

My last two items I got at Marshalls and TJMaxx. The straws are paper ones with a black and orange color swirls on them. I love the classic Halloween color scheme. But my all time favorite thing in this small haul is the rose gold, sparkly Halloween garland! This has black bats at the beginning and end of the garland and the rose gold letters hanging in the middle spelling out Happy Halloween! This is made by the company called Meri Meri, a Britsh based company. It is super gorgeous and I can't wait until I get to put it up!

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The Dollar Spot items can be found at Target
Paper Straws (These are similar)

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to check back to see when I post my Halloween Party blog posts! Oooo... I can't wait! It's going to be amazing!

Ultimate Halloween Party Music

Oct 19, 2016

It's time to start planning my Halloween party! So I thought a great starting place is music choice! I created a playlist with Spotify of my favorite Halloween music to play at my party. I will be adding more songs so don't forget to follow so you can also get in with the spooktacular tunes! ;)

Click HERE to be sent to the playlist

P.S. Sorry for the short blog post! I will be posting a longer/more detailed blog post very soon! 

Fall Q&A | #Heyitsliddy

Oct 10, 2016

Thank you guys for sending in questions for me to answer! I love doing these types of blog posts!
Fall Q&A, let's get started!

What are you going to be for Halloween?
For Halloween this year, I will be the Queen of Hearts. I got inspired by this blog post by Haley on Lauren Conrad blog. I will be doing a different blog post on the outcome of my costume.

What's your favorite Halloween tradition?
My favorite Halloween tradition would probably be picking out a pumpkin and then carving it. My dad and brother do amazing carvings. We also bake the pumpkin seeds afterward, which always tastes amazing.

What's your favorite activity to do in the fall?
My favorite activity hands-down in the fall would be corn mazes. Where I use to live there was a huge pumpkin farm called Shaw Farms. There was a huge corn maze where you would have to find the shapes on your paper and punch them out. (If that makes any sense!) I have the fondest memories there. Now that I have moved my friend, Harper, introduced me to another amazing corn maze called Amazing Grace Crop Maze. We really want to go back again this year with all of our friends. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Let me think... my favorite Halloween candy would be Kit-Kats. Yum! I love the chocolate and the crunch to it (My mouth is watering!) What's your favorite candy? Tell me in the comments below!

What did you dress up as last year?
Last year I was Olaf. I DIY-ed it using LaurDIY's video on Youtube. My plan for this year is to also DIY my costume.

S'mores or pumpkin pie?
S'mores, duh! I love the most about them is how to make them. The crackling fire, the smell of the toasted marshmallow (but not to toasted), and the melted chocolate! Yum...

Do you step in crunchy leaves just to hear their chunky awesomeness?
Well of course! That's the only reason. But sadly where I live now, there aren't many trees that shed their leaves for the right reason. Most of the time the tree is dying and not getting really for winter.

What is your favorite fall color?

My favorite fall/autumnal color would be maroon. Here is one of my favorite shirts in that color!

 One thing you love about the Fall and one thing you hate?
One thing a love about Fall is the nice weather. It's not too hot but also not cold enough for a coat. On the other hand, one thing I don't like Fall is, this season doesn't happen where I live. What I mean is the leaves don't change colors and it doesn't get that cold like Fall is supposed to do. 
I hoped you guys enjoyed this post! I want to know your answer to one of these questions! Comment them down below. If you have any suggestions for future fall blog posts comment them too down below! I would love to write about them. *virtual hug*

My September Favorites

Oct 1, 2016

Even though September is now officially over and the leaves are starting to change, I thought I should write about my favorites for the month. You also may have noticed that I haven't published anything since August 28! That's more than a month ago! The reason for my absent is school. Oh, school why do you take up so much of my time. But for real, I have been so busy with school work and after school activities that I have pushed this little blog to the side. I hope to find a time to sit down and write a couple of different blog posts for you. My plan is to write a new blog post every 5 or so days so I can get back in the habit of writing these. But anywho, let's get on with my September favorites.

The first thing I am going to start off with is my (very snazzy) school pencils! I love stationary, personally because for one they have the cutest designs and it keeps me very organized in a way. I found these pencils at Target and picked them up for only a dollar. I loved them so much that I picked up a couple of other packs too. I absolutely adore them. They are super cute and have a nice theme of colors. They went perfectly with my whole theme for my school supplies. The only thing with these pencils is I don't like sharing these them with people because they have a tensing to take them and never give them back. I have already had this happen to me and I don't want my own money being wasted.

Next up is something beauty-ish related. I have been loving this Lush shower gel called Twilight. Now, to be completely honest with you, I really didn't know what a shower gel was so I had to look it up cause I didn't want to use it wrong and then have it ruin anything. But anyway, I got this in a gift set on my birthday by my good friend Lizzie. The box came with this shower gel, a bath bomb, and body creme. All of it is lavender scented and is supposed to make you feel relaxed. This shower gel is purple and had little silver shimmery sparkles at the bottom that you can shake in and it makes the body wash really sparkly and pretty. Side note, I might be doing a review on the whole package so if you are interested, make sure to tell me in the comments.

My next favorite is my school planner. I have already done a whole blog post on this so go check it out here to have a better look at it and see what I have inside.

My fourth September favorite is my pottery jar I painted with Katie. We went to a local pottery painting shop for a little get together one afternoon. I found my inspiration on Pinterest by this pin that was a plant starter jar with a really cute face on it and I knew I wanted to recreate it myself. I am very pleased with how it turned out. My favorite part is the petite looking face. I was super afraid when I was painting it because I really didn't want to mess up. I remember practicing for a long time so I could get it right. The only thing now is I don't know what to store in it. I can't put a real plant because it doesn't have the holes on the bottom so the roots and water can escape. I think my plan is to just put in a fake succulent in it. What do you think?

Next up is my Philosophy perfume! My mom found this at Marshalls for $26 and told me that it was actually a very good deal for 4 of the small bottle perfumes. The funny thing is the lady who was checking us out told us that this was a huge sellout and you're lucky to find it in the stores. The box came with 4 small perfumes in "Inner Grace", "Love Sweet Love", "Unconditional Love" and "Giving Grace". Personally, my favorite is "Love Sweet Love". I enjoy sweet smells and this one is definitely one of those. Another thing that I love about these is the little quotes on the boxes of each perfume. The quote on "Inner Grace" is Philosophy: quiet your mind and open your heart.

My next favorite is a book called "Red Queen" by Victoria Aveyard. I have been dying to read this book ever since it came out in 2015. It's been on my reading bucket list and I haven't gotten to it until now. My friend brought me a gift card to Barnes and Nobles for my birthday so I decided to use the money on this book. But sadly, now that I have this book I have not picked it up to start reading it. I feel like I haven't been in the biggest reading mood lately so when the feeling comes back this book will be my first reading choice.

My very last thing on my September favorite list is a little mason jar that my friend Katie made me for my
birthday. It's a jar that she decorated with stickers and fabric washi tape that is intended to put our little memories we shared together. Right now I have notes, polaroid pictures of us and just other fun stuff we can came and look back on. I can't wait to fill it up with more memories with her.

If you have any September favorites that you have been liking comment them down below. I would love to read them! Also, I want to start writing some Fall/Halloween blog posts so if you have any suggestions please put them in the comment and maybe I will write about your topic! ;) I am open to ALL suggestions so don't be afraid to comment.
 Love you all!