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Oct 10, 2016

Thank you guys for sending in questions for me to answer! I love doing these types of blog posts!
Fall Q&A, let's get started!

What are you going to be for Halloween?
For Halloween this year, I will be the Queen of Hearts. I got inspired by this blog post by Haley on Lauren Conrad blog. I will be doing a different blog post on the outcome of my costume.

What's your favorite Halloween tradition?
My favorite Halloween tradition would probably be picking out a pumpkin and then carving it. My dad and brother do amazing carvings. We also bake the pumpkin seeds afterward, which always tastes amazing.

What's your favorite activity to do in the fall?
My favorite activity hands-down in the fall would be corn mazes. Where I use to live there was a huge pumpkin farm called Shaw Farms. There was a huge corn maze where you would have to find the shapes on your paper and punch them out. (If that makes any sense!) I have the fondest memories there. Now that I have moved my friend, Harper, introduced me to another amazing corn maze called Amazing Grace Crop Maze. We really want to go back again this year with all of our friends. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Let me think... my favorite Halloween candy would be Kit-Kats. Yum! I love the chocolate and the crunch to it (My mouth is watering!) What's your favorite candy? Tell me in the comments below!

What did you dress up as last year?
Last year I was Olaf. I DIY-ed it using LaurDIY's video on Youtube. My plan for this year is to also DIY my costume.

S'mores or pumpkin pie?
S'mores, duh! I love the most about them is how to make them. The crackling fire, the smell of the toasted marshmallow (but not to toasted), and the melted chocolate! Yum...

Do you step in crunchy leaves just to hear their chunky awesomeness?
Well of course! That's the only reason. But sadly where I live now, there aren't many trees that shed their leaves for the right reason. Most of the time the tree is dying and not getting really for winter.

What is your favorite fall color?

My favorite fall/autumnal color would be maroon. Here is one of my favorite shirts in that color!

 One thing you love about the Fall and one thing you hate?
One thing a love about Fall is the nice weather. It's not too hot but also not cold enough for a coat. On the other hand, one thing I don't like Fall is, this season doesn't happen where I live. What I mean is the leaves don't change colors and it doesn't get that cold like Fall is supposed to do. 
I hoped you guys enjoyed this post! I want to know your answer to one of these questions! Comment them down below. If you have any suggestions for future fall blog posts comment them too down below! I would love to write about them. *virtual hug*

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