My Christmas Tree

Dec 10, 2016

Day 10: A Look At My Christmas Tree 2016

First off, I want to apologize for not posting a new blogmas post for 2 days! After I even stated in my blogmas day 4 post that I was really surprised to see me post 4 days straight without forgetting a day, I missed the falling days! I think that was me jinxing myself. But to make it up, I am either going tot post 2 extra blog posts at the end of the 24 days OR maybe do a CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! What do you think? Anyways on with the post! This year I had the pleasure of decorating our new tree! Let's just say I now have a tiny fear of heights after trying to arrange ornaments at the top. I become super OCD when I was decorating the tree. I had to have each ornament fit the theme of the tree, which was red, white, silver, and gold, and if it didn't go I couldn't put it on! Also, when I was arranging them, I couldn't have a silver red striped ball-ball next to another silver ball-ball. It just can't be done! In the end I was really reluctant for help. While I was decorating my brother was preparing his train. Yes. My 18 year old brother was playing with his Christmas train. But to be far, he loves doing it every year so I could totally see it coming. Our Christmas train has our family name's on them. I just actually found out about it today while taking the photos. 
Our tree has assortments of ornaments from very special to just plain old funny! I took a picture of the ball-balls I love including a brand new one of my dog. No, he isn't my real dog but a close replica of him. Jack died this year in July and it has been super weird not having him around with us. This will be our first Christmas without him and I really wanted something to remind me of him. We found his ornament at Michaels a couple of days ago and I instantly know we needed to get him. Another special ornament is my hand paint ornament back in 2006. I think I was in kindergarten by then. When i found this I was super shocked. My hand actually grew in size! My family always jokes with me saying I haven't grown or whatever but this is a clear example of it. Haha! That was 10 years ago! Crazy thinking about it now. 

Well, I really hope you enjoyed a closer look at my Christmas tree. I was wondering if you do a theme or just put on whatever you have? Also, tweet or post a picture of your tree and tag me @itsliddy! I would love to see your tree this year. Love you!  

My Winter Night Routine

Dec 8, 2016

Day 8: Winter Night Routine

Today I will be sharing my night routine with you. I pretty much have the simplest routine out there so there really isn't much. Let's began!
My family and I usually eat around 6 or 7 every night. After that, I either finish my homework or clean my room. Then, I take my shower.

When I take my shower I use Suave Ocean Breeze shampoo and conditioner for my hair. I use the Clean and Clear essentials foaming facial cleanser for my face and apply it by using my hands. A cool trick I learned was before you get out of your shower run cool water for a few minutes over your face and hair. This is believed to close your pores and prevent/help stop new zits to form on your face. The cool water helps your hair by strengthening it and making it shiny! If you try it out, tell me in the comments if it worked for you!

After I get out of my shower, I immediately use my Lush melt. This is essentially a solid form of lotion that Lush made. The way you apply this is rubbing the lotion on your skin while it is still damp from your shower. The heat from your hand will help it melt all over your skin. This is a miracle in the winter because it leaves your body soft and moisturized the next day. The only downside is, it makes your body very sticky and your hair can stuck to your body whenever you use this. Personally, I hate the sticky feeling but it is totally worth it when you feel the softness of your skin the next morning. 

My next step is to put on my pajama and socks! Today I am wearing my onesie from Marshalls. This was only $24! It is so freaking soft that I could live in it. Most of the time I don't even need to pull my sheets on because this thing is warm enough! My socks I wore, I got last year when my friends and I  did secret Santa. They have little snowmen smiling in the snow. They too are super cozy and soft. Fun fact: I hate onesies with feet because I always hated the feeling of them on.

After getting my pajamas on I start on my bathroom routine. I first use my Up & Up benzoyl peroxide cream. This helps with zits and future zits. I mostly put this where my hairline is and around my nose to prevent any blemishes. Then I use my face goddess cream. I feel like I have blogged about it before but if not then what have I been doing with my life. This face cream is amazing! It moisturizes my face and is a lot less sticky when you use it. I instantly feel it sink into my skin. The next morning my face feels like it is brand new. Most of the time, after I have done my face, I dry my hair. I absolutely know I have blogged about my hair oil in my April Favorites blog post. (Click here to read it)! Sadly I am running out. I will need to pick some up when I am out. Lastly, I finish my routine off with my lips. I either use my EOS lip balm or my Softlips. Sometimes when I feel my lips are really chapped I use both. Chapstick is a ESSENTIAL to winter. You don't want your lips to be cracked during the holidays. Pretty much the only difference between my "normal" routine to this one is I just really focus on making sure my skin is healthy and soft! 

After that, I am pretty much done! I hop into bed and wait until my alarm wakes me up the next morning and the cycle begins again! Have a great night and love you all! 

St. Nicholas Came

Dec 6, 2016


Day 6: St. Nicholas Presents

Every year on December 6th, St Nicholas comes and drops off special presents to all the boys and girls around the world! He is like Santa's brother who comes early! This tradition started when Nicholas helped a poor family by throwing bags of gold in the window. December 6th is a day in which we celebrate St. Nicholas goodness and kind heart! If you want to learn more about this important figure, click on this link to go to a website. 

Here is what St. Nick brought me this year!

First up I have gloves and a heat bodysuit. I think St. Nick knew I was going to DC in a few weeks! I definitely don't want to freeze up there. He also put in a tub of creme de Pirouline. These are sticks made with pastry dough and a creme filling in the middle to give it a sweet taste. These have been one of my favorite Christmas treats. I remember eating them at my grandma's house while she wasn't looking. Sorry grands, at least now you know where they all went! Along with the sweets category, he added some Necco candy wafers. These small candies are decribed as simple, sweet, and worth savoring! This company has been in business for 169 years being able to share its great wafers with the world. Next up I have a King Leo Giant Peppermint Stick and a Harry London dark chocolate baton. Both I am super excited to try. Lastly, I have Ghitatdelli Chocolate Squares. These weren't pictured above because I forgot about them when I took this picture. But anyways, these squares are sea salt chocolate favored. I absolutely love these chocolates! In the end, I am so thankful for all of these gifts from St. Nick!