Mother's Day

May 17, 2016

      Last Sunday America celebrated Mother's Day on May 8th. This holiday is meant for children to spend time and have fun with our mom's. This year I decided to go all out. My mom does so much for me and my brother so I wanted to repay her with some small sentimental items for her to use. 
     The first thing I did was, I created a list of items I wanted to buy for her. She loves to color and draw so I knew I wanted to get her an adult coloring book. She is also redesigning her office so I wanted to get some stationery supplies. After that, I went shopping with my friends at our local town center. I got most of my stuff there and a couple of items for myself. 
     The next day, I made the handmade gifts and wrapped the whole thing up in a bag. Before I went to bed I set my alarm for 7:00 to decorate the house the next morning. 
     After about an hour of decorating and trying to wake up my brother to get his butt out of bed and go get Mom some flowers, I started making the pancakes. I even created a "pancake banner" for her. After the yummy pancakes, we all decided to play some games. We did lots of challenges like the "Yoga Challange" and the "Cotton Ball Challenge". Sadly, I didn't win :( but my brother did! I wanted to play BINGO so I created my own version of BINGO by calling it MOTHER. It didn't really go as planned due to the fact that I forgot to write the rest of the cards and nobody actually won. Oops! But in the end, we all had a great time and it will be a day that my mom can look back at and have wonderful and fun memories.

If you did anything fun with your mom and family comment down below! I would love to read about what you did!
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Prom Time

May 1, 2016

It's prom time which means prom pictures. I had the awesome job of taking my big brother's prom pictures with his girlfriend at our local park. All the girls had beautiful dresses and the prettiest hair and makeup. 
I can't wait to go to prom when I am older. I have always said that I want to make and sew my own prom dress!
I hope you enjoyed this prom post. Sorry, I didn't have a lot to say about this subject!