My Christmas Tree

Dec 10, 2016

Day 10: A Look At My Christmas Tree 2016

First off, I want to apologize for not posting a new blogmas post for 2 days! After I even stated in my blogmas day 4 post that I was really surprised to see me post 4 days straight without forgetting a day, I missed the falling days! I think that was me jinxing myself. But to make it up, I am either going tot post 2 extra blog posts at the end of the 24 days OR maybe do a CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! What do you think? Anyways on with the post! This year I had the pleasure of decorating our new tree! Let's just say I now have a tiny fear of heights after trying to arrange ornaments at the top. I become super OCD when I was decorating the tree. I had to have each ornament fit the theme of the tree, which was red, white, silver, and gold, and if it didn't go I couldn't put it on! Also, when I was arranging them, I couldn't have a silver red striped ball-ball next to another silver ball-ball. It just can't be done! In the end I was really reluctant for help. While I was decorating my brother was preparing his train. Yes. My 18 year old brother was playing with his Christmas train. But to be far, he loves doing it every year so I could totally see it coming. Our Christmas train has our family name's on them. I just actually found out about it today while taking the photos. 
Our tree has assortments of ornaments from very special to just plain old funny! I took a picture of the ball-balls I love including a brand new one of my dog. No, he isn't my real dog but a close replica of him. Jack died this year in July and it has been super weird not having him around with us. This will be our first Christmas without him and I really wanted something to remind me of him. We found his ornament at Michaels a couple of days ago and I instantly know we needed to get him. Another special ornament is my hand paint ornament back in 2006. I think I was in kindergarten by then. When i found this I was super shocked. My hand actually grew in size! My family always jokes with me saying I haven't grown or whatever but this is a clear example of it. Haha! That was 10 years ago! Crazy thinking about it now. 

Well, I really hope you enjoyed a closer look at my Christmas tree. I was wondering if you do a theme or just put on whatever you have? Also, tweet or post a picture of your tree and tag me @itsliddy! I would love to see your tree this year. Love you!  

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