Planner Crazy

Aug 28, 2016

     If you know me then you know that I am an organized freak. I may not be an extremer organizer, but higher than the average person.
I love planners! Anything and everything about them. I even follow planner accounts on Instagram. Pinterest is also a large portion of where I get my ideas for planner DIYS.
At the end of my 7th year at school, I immediately started working on my school supplies. My school supplies us with a school planner but they are so boring and uncreative. So, for me personally, I didn't want to use it. This is why I decided to make my own planner.
The theme of this planner is gold, pastel, and everything chic. ;) Here is a look at my school planner. Enjoy!

Most of the items I got were from Michaels and/or the Target Dollar Spot. The other 3rd I already had stored away. My vision for this planner was to (obviously) keep me organized but most importantly keep me inspired. If I have a writer's block I can open it up and find amazing quotes inside or little pictures with my friends in it. All of this was to help me out. My favorite thing about my planner is the personal touches I made to it. I like how I can store memories on a page for when I want to remember something forever. But for real... it did cost a lot of money. More expensive than some other planners but to me I see it as something I can use for a very long time. You couldn't find one of theses in the stores. The only way to find a great planner that fits your life is to DIY it! I know after showing my friends my planner they wanted to create their own! I can't see what they have come up with. 
I have a few questions for you to answer in the comments:

1. After seeing this would you want to make one yourself? 
If you do make a planner OR already have a DIY planner then tag me your photos on Instagram or Twitter. I would absolutely love to see it! 
2. What was your favorite thing about my planner and is there anything that you think would look good in my planner? 
Again, I would love to hear your suggestions! 

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