Facial night Routine

Jan 6, 2016

When it's time to detox from the long day, I like to take a nice shower and let my face replenish itself overnight. For that to happen I always like to do a nightly facial routine. So, here are the products that I like to use. 

My skin is a very sensitive, especially on my face. So when my family started using the big pro handheld face scrubber that cost more than $100 I wanted one myself. Before I was using this amazing tool, I would just use a face bar in the shower. It did the job but it made my face very dry and it was hard to move. Finally, when I saw this at my local Ulta I knew I wanted to try it out. The best part it was only $10. This Advanced Deep Cleaning Duo combines a two-speed, rotating brush and an oil-free acne cleanser. Using these two simple tools has reduced all the little red dots that feel the need to pop up on my face, Making my skin feel clear and smooth!

Mary Kay Makeup Remover
This I got from my mom. (Thank you, Mom!) I use this oil-free eye makeup remover right after I finish using the face hand brush. The way I use this is by squirting a tiny bit of it into the cap and use a cotton swab that has been dipped in the makeup remover. It's easy to use. Also, if you can't tell I love this stuff. 

Acne-fighting Roll-on Gel:
Now, I got this life saver for only, wait for it...$1. Yes, you read right - only $1. It's so simple to use by rolling the little metal ball on the spot where you want to reduce on your face and presto over a few days that area will be gone or very hard to notice. This product is a real skincare life hack! I use this roller after I am done with getting all my makeup off.

Dermasil Labs Oil Free Night Moisturizer Facial Cream:
Sadly I was not able to take a home picture of my cream but I knew I needed to add this. Now, I got this AMAZING face cream at the Dollar Store for, of course, $1. This cream is a hypo-allergenic with Vitamin A & E. This cream "enriches skin with intense moisture to leave it softer and smoother while relieving skin's dryness". Dermasil cream literally replenishes my face overnight in a jiffy. I wake up every time I use this and feel like my skin is so smooth and is ready to start the day of right. I use this facial cream after I am done with the roller. I feel like this just seals in all the products and makes my skin feel awesome!
I hope you enjoyed my Facial Night Routine and found it helpful. I am not a pro skincare person. These are just my opinions on my products I use. If you have a favorite product in your nightly routine, please feel free to comment on the product(s) below.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to talk about any of these products. Again, this is my own personal opinion. 

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