5 Planner Spread Themes

Jan 4, 2016

     These last few weeks I have really gotten into planners. I love the freedom of creativity when it comes to decorating the weekly spreads. This is my first planner to decorate the so I have been coming up with different themes for each week. Here are 5 planner themes to help you out!

1.Winter Wonderland
     This theme is one that I am personally doing this first part of January. When I think of "Winter Wonderland", I think of snowy hills and trees, nice old crispy air. For my planner, I have used a color palette of
f5f9fa: d8e9f :d8e5f6 :96a7c8: 555e78
to create my own stickers.
I found this "Winter Landscape" color palette on Pinterest with along with tons of other pins on different schemes, too. I also made some DIY planner stickers on Pic Monkey

2. Chinese New Year 
     This holiday is celebrated on February 8 this year, so I will be doing this spread later in February. When I plan this week out, I see myself having lots of red and gold. I also suggest using a type of red ribbon. If you research on Etsy you could find different types of washi tape. Also, you could make your own stickers using Google Docs, Microsoft or any other program you prefer.

3. Galaxy
     I know many other planner people have done this theme but each person  is different. A color scheme I would stick to would be the one below. From right to left the colors are
a185e9: 283189 : 090928 : 8652a0 : 483148 : 262156 
You could find some planner stickers on Etsy. Here is a link to a galaxy sticker set made by MailboxHappiness

4. A Picnic 
 When I do this theme I am hoping to find green and red and white checkered washi tape to mimic the grass and the cloth you would sit on. Adding summer-themed stickers, like suns and food (because of the picnic theme :) would make that week super cute  I hope to do this spread in June for the summer.

5. Bronze + Teal 
This theme was one that I didn't make up myself but found the stickers on Pinterest. Here is the link to the FREE printable made by Jessica Brown from My Planner Envy. She was kind enough to let me feature her on my blog. The printable she made works for the Erin Condren Life Planner and The Happy Planner. Please, if you do print the stickers post a thank you comment! :) She worked hard to create the beautiful sticker sheets. Here is what the stickers look like. You can check out a larger picture here.

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