Go-to Jewelry

Jan 7, 2016

As I get ready for school I always like to dress things up. Here are some of my favorite go-to jewelry

Alex and Ani bracelets:
   These charm bracelets are my best go-to jewelry. I love these bracelets. I even looked up a Youtube video on how to make a copy of the Alex and Ani bracelets. But, after pleading and begging to my parents, I got one for my Forever Family day. I got the gold Lotus Peace Pental in the shape of a heart.

Gold Heart Shaped necklace:
   If you haven't noticed the theme, I love heart shaped jewelry. ;) This necklace was purchased at Claire's.
When I pair my jewelry with my outfit, I like to stick with a gold, silver, black color type.

Silver Chain necklace: 
  I found this super cute necklace at Aeropostale. I believe this is from the Bethany Mota line. I have multiple clothes items from her line, too. I would style this cute necklace with a nice sweater or fancy jacket. But because I am weird with my clothes I would NEVER style it with a gold item. (I know, I am weird)!

Rose Gold watch:
  This watch is one of my favorite colors. I am kind of obsessed with rose gold so when I found this on SALE I was all over it. I was extremely excited to find it was only $10.00 at Versona in the town center near my house. 

I hope you enjoy my go-to jewelry. If you have any favorite go-to jewelry you wear with your outfits comment on them below! 

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  1. If you have any favorite go-to jewelry you wear with your outfits comment on them below!