Chinese New Year Celebrations 2016

Feb 9, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year! This year's Chinese Zodiac sign is the monkey. Here is my attempt to create the Chinese character of the word monkey!
Today, my family went out to get Chinese food. Yummy! Personally, I don't like Chinese food, which is funny because I am Chinese ;) but I do love some steaming dumplings with soy sauce. That's my go-to meal. 

Here are a couple of books I have that are Chinese related. My favorite is Good Luck, Ivy. It's a fun easy read and there are a couple of illustrations, too.

These are my little Chinese dresses I used to wear. My family got them when they came to China to adopt me. Both are made with silk and bought at a local Chinese shop. I have multiple dresses in different colors with other designs on them. One time I wore my blue silk dress to preschool on Chinese New Year!

Here is my little squeaky shoe. I used to walk around in these and they would squeak like a dog toy. You could always tell where I was! I still can't believe my feet were that tiny when I was younger.

I hope you enjoyed my post on Chinese New Year! Sorry, it was short but it is always fun to share my younger childhood with you.

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Also, here is a link to more information!
Chinese New Year Celebrations (2016) — What's Done in China

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