How to : Generally be more Happier

Mar 2, 2016

My friends always ask me, "why are you always so happy and cheerful?" Usually, I answer "I don't know. I just am!" Personally, I don't think there is really one big great way to just be happy all the time. I think what happens around you and what you do with your day has an effect on how you act. I like to think that the happier you are the better outcome of your day. Even if it is pouring rain and dark and gray,  you still have the option for that best day ever. I know I have some of those days at school. Just a simple thing like a nice compliment or nice wave in the morning to that neighbor you don't really know can change your day! All of those small things turn into something bigger. Today, I have come up with some ways you can try out and use in your life for being happy!

Here are my tips and tricks for being more happier!
1. Try something new
Never shy away from a new activity. The thought might be scary at first but
the outcome will benefit you as a whole! Some might say, "Challenge excepted!"

2. Don't be afraid to be you
Don't hide away the imperfect stuff. That makes you, you!

3. Have some alone time once in a while
It's nice to just have some you time every now and then. I know when I need my alone time. You don't want your unhappiness get in the way!
4. Smile
Yes, it's that simple. Just smile! :) It uses little muscle and it can change your whole day!

5. Help others out
I personally feel amazing inside when I do something good for someone else. It doesn't matter if someone saw you do it or not; it's the outcome that matters.

6. Laugh at yourself!
Laughing is the best medicine. For me, I challenge myself every day to laugh at something or myself (mostly myself! ;) 

I hope you enjoyed my list of my tips and tricks on being more happier. If you have any tips please comment them below so we can all share our happy tips with each other!

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