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Mar 24, 2016

Hanging out with a friend can make a great day turn into an amazing day! Harper and I have known each other for almost 2 years now and I am so happy I met her. She and I are like twins. We have so much in common it is a little freaky. So, 2 days ago when she called me up and asked me if I wanted to spend a day with her I knew for sure my answer was YES!

Last week, my friends and I went to a track meet to try out the events that they were doing and after that day, we all decided to run as much as we could (so far I have only run 2 times. I tried to run every other day.
So, we both took off running and never looked back! We ended up taking a 40-minute jog around her neighborhood and stopped about 3 or 4 times. One of those times was to stop and play on a playground!
*Please enjoy one of my many funny faces!* 
 (That hurt a lot FYI! )
After a long run around we dipped our feet into her pool and the fun began. Her two dogs, Owen, and Oliver apparently love to lick and bite the water so we started playing and messing about with both of them. 
Owen (pictured below and above) would come really close to the edge and would bite the water when we splashed him and he would jump right in and would start to swim about until he got back to the edge and started all over again. He was so cute and got lots of exercise that day. He was a lot braver than Harper and I because we couldn't get into the cold water. *HEHE*
If you know me, you know that I love to DIY things and personalize everything, too. So Harper and I created our own candles. She set out all of her scents and we picked out what we wanted. In the end, we chose to make a "Hot Apple Strudel" mixed with "Vanilla". The end product smelled so good and I can't wait to burn it. This candle will make the house smell really yummy. 
Here was the end product. We ended up making one 8 oz. mason jar candle and 2 1/2 small tin candles. All smelling great by the way!
During the candle making session, we started creating cupcakes. We used a cake box mix and followed the directions on the box. For the frosting, we took the jar of frosting from the store and mixed in food dye. We were trying to make Easter inspired cupcakes. The taste of the cupcakes was super yummy but we both need to work on our decorating  skills! ;) 
As the day was coming to an end we jumped into the hot tub and chatted about life. It was so nice to talk to a person that understood how adoption works and stuff like that. We always joke around with being twins and other funny things to mess with people. 

Thank you so much, Harper, for having me over and we definitely need to hang out with the rest of the family, too. We also need to have our DIY project party in the upcoming weeks!

If you enjoyed these pictures make sure to leave a comment if you want more of them!
Love you all! *Million Kisses*

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