Childhood Photos

Jul 18, 2016

Tomorrow is my birthday so I decided to scroll through my mom's Facebook and find younger pictures of myself! When I was scrolling through, I could remember most of what I was doing in each picture. That's why I love pictures so much. They capture a little piece of life and when you look back there will be amazing memories left for you. Here I have some funny childhood photos!

( We were doing a family Christmas photo shoot in the backyard and I was making weird faces so my mom told me they were going on Facebook! Now I know.) 

(I was in a Christmas play at my old school. I was Mrs. Clause. This was the cute outfit I wore.)

(Fun Christmas at my grandparents' house. )

(This was my competition makeup for dance. My mom always did a great job. I remember my mom saying I looked a lot older.)

(First pair of glasses. I have had glasses ever since.)

(Another Christmas photo. I never stop moving around.)

(Broke my first bone. I even got the cast to match my outfit. Hated that thing. It was so smelly after awhile)

(Another injury photo. Fell off a play statue at my old school and hit my knee on a metal pole on the way down. I believe I had crutches for a month or so. It hurt badly. )

( Family photo shoot. We always had one every year. I was six in this picture.)      

(Blowing bubbles. That family shoot was super fun! Good times.)

I hope you liked these photos. I will be uploading blog posts for the whole week for my birthday. If you enjoyed this don't forget to leave a comment!

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