May Favorites

Jun 7, 2016

As May has ended, I have decided to put together my favorite products, foods, and makeup for this month. This month I wanted to include all my top items I use daily or I just really enjoyed. If you are into these types of little blog posts then don't forget to tell me in the comment section below! :)

My first item on my list is my Nth Degree Smoothing Moroccan Argan Oil & Keratin Hair Serum. I got this a couple of weeks ago and I have been LOVING it! The way I apply is by squirting some drops into my hand and than rubbing my hands together. I apply the hair oil to my ends to strengthen them and also by the part of my hair to push down all the baby hairs. My mom actually got this for me and it smells amazing too! My next is my clear nail polish. The reason I have been loving this product so much is because I am horrible when it comes to applying nail polish but with the clear nail polish you don't really see your mistakes you made while painting them. Also when it hits the lights it gives off a really shiny glow to it, which I love a lot and it makes my nails look simple but also chic, too! ;) My next items are my Lush bath bombs and bubble bombs. I went to Lush recently with my friends and picked up one bath bomb and one bubble bomb to try out. I used my bath bomb already and it was so good. The one I got was called "Pink" and it smelled very flowery. The "Pink" bomb was so cute, too. It had 3 flowers on the top and it had hearts that were in the bath bomb and when you would put it in the water it fizzed and all the tiny hearts came fizzing out turning your bath water pink! The next one I got was the bubble bomb. The one I got was "Big Bang". A way to describe it would be very relaxing and it smells like heaven in a bomb and it turns the water a nice blue color. I felt like once I was in the bath tub all my body parts felt super soft and smooth, like I had lotion on.

Another item on my May favorites list is "The Nudes" by Maybelline New York. My mom and I picked this up at Ulta and I believe it cost around ten dollars. This eye shadow palette is so beautiful and (obviously) nude colors to match about everyone's skin color. Due to the fact that I have a dark-ish skin color I can't wear bright colors on my eyes, so this set works amazing with my skin. Inside there are 12 shades, varying in the lightness and darkness of the shadow. My favorite shadows are the ones that are sparkly because I can't get enough of sparkles! Sometimes I like to wear the more subtle ones to school so isn't so detracting. On the back of the package there are different mini diagrams on the shadows that work well together and how to apply it to your eyes which is very helpful to a new learner of the art of makeup! Now on to a random item on my list, which is a card that my friend gave to me as a thank you. The reason why I love this is because one, the very sweet note she wrote inside but also I love the intricate L and the texture of the outside of the card, too. A food related product on my list are little cookies my family got at Costco. The cookie itself in general is amazing but the outside of the cookie is the selling point. It is hands down the best part of the cookie. It is crunchy but also sweet because of the sugar coating on the layer that makes it so good. (P.S. Writing about the cookies makes me want one so badly!) 

My next two products are my BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss in the shade of "Pink Mauve"  and my Great Lash Washable Curved Brush mascara in the color of "Blackest Black" . The lip gloss I actually got from my mom as a gift and I have now just recently been using it. The way I apply it is by first putting my EOS lip balm on and then applying it on top. I find that putting the chapstick on first helps soften your lips throughout the day. The lipstick itself isn't big and bright in color but is suitable for a teen like myself to be seen in public. On to my mascara. This is surely the best mascara in the world for a teen to start off on. The reason is that it has a curved brush that fits the eye just perfectly. The thing with my eyes is that I am Asian so I have small squinty eyes that this wand can easily fit to my eye and gets all my eyelashes without it being a huge deal. Another plus is that it curls my eyelashes for me so I don't usually have to use my eyelash curler. The very last thing on my May favorites is my whale plate I made with my friend Harper! We went to our local pottery shop and painted our own things. So I made this whale plate, which I named Walter. He is  a teal blue color to match my room and he has a little heart by his tail. On the border of him I did some small gray and pink dots with white V shaded marks to give him some extra color. 

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Alright! Well thing is the end to my May favorites. If you enjoyed reading then make to share it with your friends and leave me a comment below telling me your favorite products you have been enjoying last month. Love you lots! 


  1. Ah those cookies sound so good! The way you were describing them really make me want to try one myself. I also love the sound of the Maybelline palette, I remember when it was first released I was so excited!

    1. You definitely should try it out! I found the recipe on their site so if you want to, click on the link at the bottom that says Petite Palmier. It will take you to the website. But also, I was so excited to see it at Ulta! All the colors were beautiful to wear.
      Thanks for commenting. I loved your blog and the layout,too. Super chic ;) x Liddy